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A former convent surrounded
by olive trees

Sant'Angelo in Panzo is a welcoming and exclusive dwelling located on the slopes of Mount Subasio, which in its more than ten centuries of history has known different lives, from a convent, abandoned hermitage, patrician residence, rural house, up to today's villa, a special residence for stays and receptions in the name of peacefulness, nature and history.


In addition to the residence the property includes a guest house, a small church suitable for religious functions and an aqueduct which collects the spring water from Mount Subasio and supplies water to Assisi since Roman times, through tunnels dug in the rock which are still visible today.


The small church testifies the presence of the ancient convent, the first in which St. Clare lived, and where, according to legend, after being joined by her sister St. Agnes, she performed her first miracle.


Just two kilometers from Assisi, Sant'Angelo in Panzo is a suggestive place for stays dedicated to relaxation, and for receptions immersed in history and surrounded by centuries-old olive groves that produce one of the best organic olive oils in Umbria.



The Historical House
 Rich of history, ideal for rest, meditation, prayer

Ideal location for weddings, private ceremonies and cultural events

The garden and the aqueduct

A beautiful garden for events and the ancient aqueduct

Guest House

Independent from the villa,

ideal for rest


Organized cultural and food and wine stays

Olive oil

Extra virgin biological olive oil from the property’s olive trees

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